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GeoScience Limited is an independent earth science consultancy, serving the oil & gas and geothermal industries.

Since 1985 we have been helping our clients to  minimize risk and uncertainty in their operations, solve problems and save money.
Our team of engineers, technicians and support staff can provide bespoke turnkey services or augment your own project teams.

This website summarises our experience and expertise and includes some technical information that has been of interest to clients in the past. In particular we invite you to take a look at our compilation of information on hydrocarbon production from fractured basements.


EarthEnergy Limited

Website users looking for information on all aspects of ground source heat pumps can email or contact us by phone on 01326 211070.

The former staff and ourselves do not have any association with companies now using the name and brand EarthEnergy.


Strength at Depth


AAPG European Regional Conference and Exhibition

Jon Gutmanis (chief geologist) has been asked to give an oral presentation at the AAPG European conference and exhibition (13th-15th May), in Barcelona. The subject of the talk will be the application of Pyrenean fractured carbonate analogs to reservoir characterisation and modelling.

Geoscience have had a poster exhibited at the Geological Society (Petroleum Group) meeting in London this year (March 4th-6th)

The poster is on " Reducing Subsurface Uncertainty and Risk through Field-based studies" .The poster talks about our experience and use of the fantastic fractured carbonate exposures in the Catalonian Pyrenees, home of our popular training courses in Fractured Carbonate analogs. Click here to see the poster. Jon Gutmanis (chief geologist) has also been asked to present a talk on this subject at the

GeoScience have exhibited at Geo2014 in Bahrain

GeoScience participated in the Geo2014 Exhibition in Bahrain (march 9 -12th) and had plenty of visitors to the stand asking about fractured reservoir characterisation and training courses.

We are welcoming a new member to the Geology team

Enric Pascual-Cebrian is joining the Geology team from the middle of January- Enric has just completed his PhD in Carbonate Sedimentology at Heidelberg University. Enric adds to our cosmopolitan team as he is a native Catalonian!

Pyrenees and Andorra field courses 2014

Our next open course in "Outcrop Analogs for Fractured Carbonates Reservoirs" will be held in Tremp in Catalonia in 2014. We are also doing an open course on "Palaeozoic and Basement Analogs to be held in the Pyrenees of Andorra. Please see our training pages for more information. 

GeoScience have a Field Excursion!

In late October the full GeoScience team went on a field trip to north Cornwall examining the highly deformed Carboniferous turbidites on the coast where spectacular chevron folds, fault structures and fracture networks are seen.  This was to discuss formations and structures we regularly deal with in sub-surface data, as well as engender team spirit.  A fine time was had by all, see some photos here.

Zagros Petroleum Geology Workshop in the Pyrenees turns out to be a great success

September 2013

In association with Geoplay Pyrenees we have just run a 2 day workshop based at Sort in Catalonia, with pre- and post workshop field trips to examine spectacular structures that may be used as analogs for Zagros structures and reservoirs. See our FRC pages for more details.


Consultation on induced seismicity from ‘fracking’

May 2012
In April and May 2011 two minor seismic events were induced by hydraulic fracturing operations undertaken by Cuadrilla in the Blackpool area. A government - appointed panel of experts has reported on these events and their report has been the subject of a six week consultation period, following which the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will issue regulations for the monitoring and control of induced seismicity in the UK for shale gas fracturing. These regulations will also have a significant impact on potential deep geothermal developments.

The DECC report can be found here

GeoScience comments to the consultation process can be found on our downloads page

Another Busy Year for Geology

This year our geology team have been flat out on fractured carbonates in Kurdistan, working on reservoir characterisation and geomechanics, and also on the thorny issue of fracture porosity estimation for reserve calculations. Currently we are also expanding our work on carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis there. Other projects have involved carbonates in Italy and Russia, clastics in North Africa, and reservoirs in our long-established niche of fractured basements. We have also delivered fractured carbonate training courses in the Pyrenees for over 50 people.


Deep Geothermal Drilling - A Cornish EGS Project
Engineered Geothermal Systems (EGS) are the current manifestation of technology that GeoScience worked on in the 1980’s (then known as ‘Hot Dry Rocks’ geothermal). We are now involved in a project led by Geothermal Engineering Ltd to build an EGS near Truro in Cornwall. This will involve drilling to approximately 5km depth in a region of high heat flow and natural fracture permeability, to develop a reservoir system and recover hot water to surface for electricity generation. GeoScience has done the feasibility and design for GEL and a drilling site is in preparation.

Pyrenees Field Courses and Basement Petroleum geology workshop 2014

Our next open course in 'Fractured Reservoir Outcrop Analogs and their Application to Reservoir Characterisation' will be held in late April/early May - please see our training pages. We also are planning a workshop on the petroleum geology of basement and Paleozoic reservoirs to be held in the Pyrenees in September 2014.

Upcoming Events:

We are exhibiting at the Geo2014 in Bahrain in March 2014.