Peter Ledingham

Managing Director and Geothermal Engineer

Peter is a founding member of the company, which he joined following six years at the Camborne School of Mines Hot Dry Rock geothermal research project. He holds a degree in Mining Engineering and has almost 40 years’ experience in geothermal engineering, well testing, reservoir engineering, experiment design and project management. He has worked for the European Commission as an expert evaluator of geothermal project applications since 2007. He was Project Manager of the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project from its inception until May 2020. Away from the office Peter enjoys travel and sport, spending time with his children and grandchildren, and music. He is recently retired as the drummer in a Beatles tribute band.

Tony Batchelor


Tony is the founder, owner and Chairman of GeoScience. He has 44 years’ professional experience in the fields of applied rock mechanics relating to underground excavations, oilfield operations and geothermal engineering. He is the author of numerous technical papers and publications and has served on a number of significant review and advisory boards. He is a recognised international authority on wellbore rock mechanics in oilfield operations and geothermal engineering and was awarded a fellowship by the Royal Institute of Engineers in 2017. Away from work Tony enjoys terrestrial and aerial (drone) photography as well as woodworking.

Jon Gutmanis

Chief Geologist 

Jons love of geology began with fieldwork in SW England as a teenager and he is still amazed at how a hobby somehow   metamorphosed into a career. He leads our Reservoir Geology group and, as a structural geologist, is pleased to be learning all about rudist corals or carbonate diagenesis from others in the group. Teaching field geology courses in the Catalonian Pyrenees is another source of delight!

Lucy Cotton

Geothermal Engineer / Geologist 

Lucy joined GeoScience in 2017 after completing her MSc in Exploration Field Geology at University College Cork. Her love of geology combined with her enthusiasm for the environment led her to pursue a career in geothermal energy. Outside the office Lucy enjoys surfing, hiking and playing the guitar.

Madelaine Constance

Technical Assistant

Maddy joined GeoScience as a geology intern in July 2019 after completing her BSc Geology degree at Royal Holloway University of London. Following her internship, she was offered the position of Technical Assistant and has since worked as part of the Deep Geothermal Group. Maddy looks to continue her studies through a taught masters course focused on geothermal energy, with hope to continue to a PhD. Maddy is passionate about the environment and the global energy transition to a low carbon, sustainable future. She is determined to help ensure both Cornwall and the UK take a lead role in this endeavour.

Outside of work Maddy dedicates her time to nutrition and fitness, studying to become a certified trainer. She enjoys spending time outdoors, travelling and keeping active!

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