Senior GeoScience staff have been involved in geothermal industry and research for more than 40 years and the company itself has been providing consultancy services for 35 years.

The company was initially owned by a geothermal developer and during the late 1980s it provided subsurface technical support to their operations in California and Oregon. Since 1992 it has been independently owned and we have supported clients in Europe, North and Central America, and the Asia-Pacific region, working within project teams, carrying out feasibility and due diligence studies, and providing advice to investors, regulators and governments.

We have been promoting the take-up of geothermal energy in the UK for many years and we were a delivery partner on the development and drilling phases of the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project from 2009 until 2020. In that time we carried out the reconnaissance work that selected the site, developed the well designs, provided full time geology support, designed, planned and delivered community outreach and education programmes and were the Project Managers.


Beginning in the 1990s we pioneered the use of closed loop ground source heat pumps in the UK for heating and cooling of residential and commercial buildings and have designed and installed more than 2,000 systems, ranging from small heating-only systems for social housing to megawatt-sized installations delivering heating and cooling in large buildings. We were the first in the UK to install a domestic borehole-based closed loop system and introduce thermal response testing.  We also design and install water source heat pump systems (WSHPs) in lakes and the sea.

Today we are focussed on the promotion of geothermal energy as a source of decarbonised heat, applying our long experience of the technology and our knowledge of the subsurface to apply a range of techniques and solutions.


Why use GeoScience?


Our senior staff have more than 40 years’ experience in geothermal research and commercial applications


We have a long-established reputation for technical excellence and commitment to high standards


We provide technical and management solutions to  our clients’ problems, enabling them to meet project goals and save money

We have built open and trusting relationships with our clients and often worked within project teams


Our International Experience


We have always supported and promoted the development of geothermal technology in the UK but since the company was created in 1985 we have provided advice and consultancy services, worked as part of operator teams, carried out feasibility studies and due diligence assessments in many countries, including the USA and South America, St Lucia, El Salvador, Indonesia and Australia.

We have worked in every geothermal country in The European Union.

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