Jon's Expertise:

Geothermal Engineering

Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics

Fractured Reservoir Characterisation

Professional Affiliations:                 


Fellow of the Geological Society of London




Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain

                                                     European Association of Geologists and Engineers

                                                     Seismic Hazard Working Party (Nuclear Electric, 1986 to 2000)

Jon Gutmanis

Geology Consultant 


Jons love of geology began with fieldwork in SW England as a teenager and he is still amazed at how a hobby somehow metamorphosed into a career. Although semi retired Geologists usually love the subject too much to quit, so he now provides advice and support to our in house team, as well as being a non executive director. Any opportunity to tackle geological puzzles especially those involving fieldwork is happily taken. He also loves to teach geology in the Pyrenees. 


2017 to Present – Geological Consultant.

  • Since taking semi-retirement in 2017 he has provided ongoing technical support to GeoScience for projects within both hydrocarbon and geothermal resource exploration and development, as well as continuing as a non-executive director

  • He managed the Geology team for the United Downs Geothermal Power Project including site operations and interpretation of the data acquired during drilling and wireline logging of two deep wells in fractured granite, plus liaison and interaction with other project Delivery Partners such as the BGS

  • He has also provided technical supervision of a number of other GeoScience feasibility studies for geothermal resource development in the UK

1985 - 2017  - GeoScience Limited. Chief Geologist. Non-Executive Director since 2015. 

  • Manager of the Reservoir Geology Group within GeoScience covering sedimentology, diagenesis, fractured reservoir characterisation (FRC) and geomechanics

  • Responsibility for the marketing, development and management of FRC

  • Over 30 years experience of technical work, project supervision and financial control of a range of projects worldwide, in formations ranging from Pre-Cambrian basement to Tertiary sediments  

  • Detailed knowledge of structural geology, fracture characterisation and geomechanics techniques for fracture modelling workflows, including application to reserve estimations in fractured reservoirs, and operational issues such as drilling, logging and testing

  • Responsible for development and delivery of training courses and field schools in Fractured Reservoir Characterisation in the UK, the Spanish Pyrenees, the Middle East and the Far East, as well as customised field trips for major operators

  • Experience ranges across the hydrocarbons E & P industry, the geothermal industry especially deep geothermal, gas storage projects, carbon sequestration projects, and the nuclear industry (seismic hazard evaluations and deep nuclear waste disposal projects) ​

1985 to 1997 – Senior Project Geologist.

  • Characterisation of sub-surface fracture and fault systems from well and seismic data, including their permeability and flow properties

  • Took a major role in the investigations for an underground repository for UK radwaste at Sellafield (1989 to 1997): technical and financial management of data acquisition and interpretation, together with preparation of technical reports for Public Inquiries

  • Leader of multi-contractor and multi-disciplinary teams covering a wide range of earth science applications

  • Other work included development of geological models for geothermal reservoir developments (USA, Indonesia), for nuclear installations in the UK and France, and for hydrocarbon reservoirs

  • Specialisation in remote sensing interpretations (e.g. radar interferometry at an onshore oilfield in the Far East) and in fault activity dating

1977 to 1985 – Geologist, Soil Mechanics Limited.

  • Structural geology and remote sensing interpretations in the UK for seismic hazard assessments 

  • Lithological and fracture logging of core from a Devonian geothermal exploration borehole in London

  • Structural interpretation and advisory services to hardrock tunnelling projects in the UK

  • Research project to collect historical data on UK seismicity and evaluate earthquake intensities  

  • Geological and geotechnical consultancy on a range of engineering projects in the UK and Eire


BSc (Hons), Geology, University of Wales 

MSc, Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics, Imperial College, London 

Technical Papers

Fracture analysis of outcrop analogs in the south-central Pyrenees to support modelling of the sub-seismic fracture system in carbonate reservoirs,  south-central Pyrenees. In: Sub-seismic scale Reservoir Deformation, Geological Society of London Special Publication 459, 2018

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Presentations/ Posters

Reservoir characterisation by integration of outcrop analogs with in situ stress profiling of a fractured carbonate reservoir. Geology of Geomechanics Conference, Geological Society of London, October 2015.

Application of Pyrenean fractured carbonate outcrops for sub-surface reservoir characterisation. 77th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, Madrid, June 2015.

Application of Pyrenean fractured carbonate outcrops for reservoir characterisation. Presentation at: ‘Reducing sub-surface uncertainty and risk through field-based studies’, Geological Society of London, Petroleum Group meeting, March 2014.

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Basement Reservoirs: A review of their geological and production characteristics. International Petroleum Technology Conference, December 2009, Doha Quatar.