Madelaine's Expertise:

Geothermal Engineering

Professional Affiliations: 


The Geological Society of London (Fellow)


International Geothermal Association (IGA) member

Women in Geothermal (WING) UK (Committee)

Women in Mining

The Mineralogical Society


The Lyell Geoscience Society (Royal Holloway University of London Earth Science Department Geoscience society - alumni)

The Mars Society London 


Madelaine Constance



Maddy joined GeoScience as a geology intern in July 2019 after completing her BSc Geology degree at Royal Holloway University of London. Following her internship, she was offered the position of Technical Assistant and has since worked as part of the Deep Geothermal Group. Maddy looks to continue her studies through a taught masters course focused on geothermal energy, with hope to continue to a PhD. Maddy is passionate about the environment and the global energy transition to a low carbon, sustainable future. She is determined to help ensure both Cornwall and the UK take a lead role in this endeavour.

Outside of work Maddy dedicates her time to nutrition and fitness, studying to become a certified trainer. She enjoys spending time outdoors, travelling and keeping active!


2019 to Present – GeoScience Limited.

Temporary Technical Assistant at GeoScience Ltd.

  • I work as part of the Geothermal Group providing technical assistance to support geothermal feasibility studies and proposals for geothermal prospects in the UK. This has involved research, data acquisition, analysis and interpretation, and assisting report writing. Using ArcGIS software, I have created digital maps to visually represent data for geological interpretation and evaluation of the proposed development sites.

  • I have assisted the preparation of proposals including international project funding proposals for which the design and preparation has been a collaborative effort with international partner organisations. This has required a significant amount of coordination and communication, particularly in the context of Covid-19.

  • Until June 2020 I worked as part of the UDDGP project. My role included: research and report writing; presenting, analysing and interpreting geophysical data; image log observation and analysis; borehole logging; working with seismic data and presenting data using ArcGIS. I was also involved in our raspberry shake programme as part of our education programme and communication of seismicity to the public; and the education and communication of geothermal energy through public events and school visits as part of our education and community outreach programme.

  • I have represented GeoScience Ltd at several events including the European Geothermal Workshop (EGW) in Karlsruhe, Germany where I gave a poster presentation on the UDDGP project. I hope to attend the World Geothermal Congress 2020 (WGC) with GeoScience Ltd as part of the UDDGP project in Iceland.


Geology Intern (July 2019)- researching the origin of CO2 in deep-seated granites.

  • The internship involved conducting an extensive literature review into the origin of hydrocarbons in fractured granites and the possible mechanisms in which the hydrocarbons are emplaced. I focused particularly on hydrocarbon occurrences in Cornish granites of South-West England; granite plutons of the Cornubian batholith.

  • I worked on gas and losses data from the production well UD-1 and injection well UD-2 which I presented in graphs, analysed and interpreted.

  • In the final week of the internship, I delivered my findings in a written report and a presentation to technical staff and members of the public.

  • During my internship placement I was also involved with education and communication of geothermal energy concepts and the project within the local community; a key factor in the progression of the geothermal energy industry and the success of the project. This involved community outreach events and school visits as part of the community outreach and education programme.

Women in Geothermal (WING) UK- committee member.


  • Within the committee my role is focused on the topics of mentoring and role models for young women and girls. I am passionate about providing support and guidance to early career geoscientists in the transition to industry, and empowering young women and girls into STEM fields. I am in the process of designing a mentoring programme for university students/ early career geoscientists and creating initiatives that help to tackle the challenges faced by women in the geothermal industry (and STEM fields generally) and that support the goals of WING. 

  • I have represented and presented for WING UK at various events including the London Geothermal Symposium 2019 at the Geological Society of London and the 59th Annual Ussher Society conference. I also presented at Royal Holloway University of London as an alumni for the Earth Science Department’s Lyell Day 2020. I discussed the climate crisis, global energy transition, geothermal’s role in this transition, and the education, professional development and advancement of women in the geothermal industry.


BSc Geology