• Suzie Doe

GeoScience take to street art!

When we moved into our new offices in 2014 there was a garage door that was crying out to have something done to it. There was in idea of creating a mural that would get people talking and wondering what goes on in the plain looking building (from the outside!). So our Graphics employee Suzie was tasked in doing a 'bansky' style design for the door.

She decided to use banksys' 'maid pulling back a curtain' as inspiration for a geological themed piece, using an image of a geologist discovering a rock formation that is in fact found in Cornwall. She tasked the job to a London based company called Graffiti Life, who came down to our small town of Falmouth and created the piece using spray paints and templates.

We think it looks great and has been noticed by many passers by some of whom have even posted about it on social media!

A blog from Graffiti Life can be found here.

#cornwall #creative #geology #graphics

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