• Jon Gutmanis, Enric Pascal & Suzie Doe

Art, architecture…and geology !

In 2013 and again in 2016 we ran, along with our friend Lluis Ardevol at Geoplay Pyrenees, a couple of workshops and field trips in the Catalonian Pyrenees. The theme for both was petroleum geology of fold and thrust belts, and geoscientists from around the world attended.

On one of the workshops we took the whole group white water rafting along Collegats gorge where the relics of an old cave system complete with partly eroded calcareous and travertine deposits are exposed on the Cretaceous limestone cliffs.

Beautiful drapes and ‘umbrella’ geometries which were apparently some of the inspiration for Gaudi’s extraordinary buildings, for example “La Pedrera”, in Barcelona.

The white water rafting was a fantastic way to see the spectacular cliff faces close-up. We took a raft down through Collegats gorge and the journey was an adventure for all! What a great way to enjoy geology and also have some fun!

It’s great to see now the natural geological wonders of our world are an inspiration to artists. Another example is Cap de Creus on the eastern, coastal end of the Pyrenees where the amazing landscapes built in the Variscan metamorphics and granites provided Salvador Dali with inspiration for his

highly unusual and thought-provoking (even bizarre some would say) work.


Try visiting his self-designed museum at Figueres! If anyone knows of other such examples out there please let us know, we would love to make an atlas of such things !

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