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Robin's Expertise:

Ground Source Heat Pumps


Professional Affiliations:                 


Chartered Engineer

Member of the Institute of Energy

Reviewer of proposals to the European Commission THERMIE programme

Member of the Geothermal Resources Council

Member of the International Geothermal Association

Member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Member of the Institute of Energy

Dr Robin Curtis

Senior Ground Source Heat Pump specialist


Robin trained in Nuclear Engineering and has worked with the company since 1985. Areas of activity whilst at GeoScience have been: Deep Geothermal and Hot Dry Rock, the UK NIREX Radioactive Waste site investigation programme, development of software for Borehole Stability Analysis, and for the last 20 years the promotion, design and installation of ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology in the UK. For the period 2005 to 2010 he was the Technical Director of EarthEnergy Ltd, a GeoScience subsidiary.


May 1986 to Present – GeoScience Limited.

2012 to present -  Technical Specialist (GSHP)

  • Responsibilities at GeoScience include business development for GSHP systems in the UK, utilising geothermal ground source heat pumps.  He is currently an Expert Advisor on geothermal proposals to the European Commission Programme          

1995 – 2011 - Development Manager of ground source heat pumps    

  •  Working to develop ground source heat pumps as a new business activity in the UK

1987 - Present - Technical Manager. 

  • Responsible for day-to-day co-ordination of all technical staff in the Falmouth office.  Reporting to Managing Director and liaising with Commercial Manager 

  • Assistance with technical and financial preparation of Falmouth-based proposals and contracts

  • Involved with UK Nirex site investigations for a deep intermediate radioactive waste repository at Dounreay and Sellafield since 1989, including a role as Alternate Project Manager of the Dounreay Geological Investigation

  • Liaison with AEAT Project Manager, GDGG project manager and site staff, and contractors  

  • Site supervision and liaison with all GeoScience technical specialists on the Dounreay boreholes

  • Managerial responsibility for development and implementation of company quality system to BS5882 and BS5750 standards for all Nirex related contracts

  • Responsible for review and/or checking of numerous Sellafield data acquisition reports related to drilling, hydrotesting, geochemistry and wireline logging activities in all Sellafield deep boreholes (except 1/1A)

  • Closely involved in the evaluation, support and testing of the TRAP geochemistry system for estimating groundwater compositions

  • Responsible for design and development of the Nirex groundwater database (NGWD)

  •  Involved in the generation and in-house control of all Sellafield deep borehole survey data

  • Designed and developed modelling software for RCF water balance studies, and involved in methodology development for studying theoretical RCF shaft convergence behaviour

  • Developed in-house ORACLE based integrated document management system for the Sellafield and Dounreay projects

  • Optimisation studies of commercial Hot Dry Rock geothermal systems, including application and extension of multiphase wellbore performance modelling codes

  •  Design and management of Borehole Stability software package and associated geotechnical database for an oil major

  • Modelling, software development, site supervision, and subsequent reporting of 6-7 km deep hydraulic stimulation at the Siljan Deep Gas Project under contract to Vattenfall, Sweden

1986 to 1987 - Systems Analyst/Modeller.


  • Thermal and hydraulic analysis of the UK Department of Energy Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Project at Rosemanowes, Cornwall, UK - under contract to Camborne School of Mines

  • Thermo/hydraulic computer modelling of conceptual multi-well Hot Dry Rock reservoirs under contract to UK Department of Energy

  • Computing support for a variety of geothermal-related activities in connection with development of geothermal energy in the Geysers, USA, and the Imperial Valley, USA under contract to Geothermal Resources International

  • Development of various geographical mapping software utilities.  Provision of computing support to all technical staff

  • Evaluation, procurement and management of hardware and software facilities at the company's Falmouth office

1984 to 1986 - Camborne School of Mines Geothermal Energy Project - Programmer/ Analyst.


  • Computing support for realtime data acquisition and distributed display of drilling, mud and directional data during the drilling of the third deep well at Rosemanowes  Development of software related to data analysis and fitting, thermodynamic properties, passive cooling of downhole tools, and hydraulics modelling using porous media codes

  • General computer systems support for a wide range of technical staff


1982 to 1984 - RD Projects Limited - Technical Manager. 


  • Technical management of a company `spun off' from research in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Imperial College, University of London.  The company was involved in the design and development of industrial robots and multi-processor computer controllers for multiple axis machine tools.


1981 to 1982 - Control Data Limited - Senior Applications Analyst. 


  • Member of the UK pre-sales technical support team for the sale of scientific Supercomputers - principally the Cyber-205 Vector Processor.  Primarily involved with technical support for sales to Universities of London and Manchester and the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough


1979 to 1981 - Imperial College, University of London - Research Assistant.


  • Nuclear Engineering Section, Mechanical Engineering Department under contract to the UK Nuclear Installations Inspectorate. Carried out work at the Atomic Energy Establishment, Winfrith, Dorset on safety implications of novel designs for fast breeder reactor core layouts.  3D computer modelling of reactor physics behaviour of conceptual designs and modelling and comparison of experiments.  Member of European collaborative team working at the Zero Energy Breeder Reactor Assembly (ZEBRA)


1978 to 1979 - Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran, Tehran, Iran - Consultant. 


  • Involved with procurement, installation and support of reactor physics computer codes and nuclear data libraries.  Development of software module for use in 3D analyses of fuel burn-up of PWR under construction in Iran. Technology transfer to Iranian nationals


1974 to 1977 - University of Birmingham - Research Associate. 


  • Applied Nuclear Science Group, Department of Physics under contract to Materials Physics Division, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell. Computer modelling of various reactor physics aspects of fuel breeding and heat generation `blankets' surrounding conceptual designs of D-T fusion reactors 

  • Supervision of MSc students


1972 to 1974 - University of London - Post-Graduate Student. 


  • Nuclear Engineering Department, Queen Mary College under contract to Culham Laboratory, UKAEA.  Computer modelling of reactor physics of conceptual fusion reactor blankets containing fissile and fertile nuclear material


BSc Nuclear Engineering, London

PhD Nuclear Engineering, London

Technical Papers

`An application of dedicated conversational teaching programmes in nuclear engineering design', J Inst Nucl Eng, 14, May‑Jun 1973, with P R Smith.


`The design and analysis of integral assembly experiments for controlled thermonuclear reactor neutronics', Joint IAEA‑OECD (NEA) Conf on Differential and Integral Data Requirements for Shielding Calculations, Vienna 1976, with T D Beynon and C Lambert.


`The neutronics of fusion reactor blankets', PhD thesis, University of London 1979.


`The commercial requirements for an HDR reservoir supplying a double flash power plant', 14th Annual Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford University, Ca, USA, 24‑26 Jan 1989, with A S Batchelor, P W Moore.


`Understanding Borehole Stability: The Power of Computer Animation', SPE European Petroleum Computer Conf, Aberdeen, 1994, with A S Batchelor, K A Kwakwa, G W Lanyon and J W Batchelor.


`Worldwide status of closed loop ground source `geothermal' heat pump systems', World Geothermal Congress, Florence, 18‑31 May 1995.


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GSHP Association Webinar Series (June 2020) Design of closed loop borehole systems Part 2.

BetaTalk (November 2020) - The Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Heating Podcast "Ten Heat Pump Myths"