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Jon Gutmanis

Geology Advisor

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Jon has over 40 years of experience applying his geological skills across the geothermal, hydrocarbon and deep nuclear waste disposal industries. Throughout his career, his particular expertise has been in structural geology and fractured reservoir characterisation including fluid distributions and flow properties. He has given classroom and field training courses in the subject since 1999.


He graduated from Imperial College London in 1976 with an MSc in Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics and then embarked on a consultancy career, joining GeoScience Limited in 1985.


Prior to taking semi-retirement in 2017, Jon was Manager of the Reservoir Geology Team within GeoScience covering sedimentology, diagenesis, fractured reservoir characterisation and geomechanics. This involved many studies of faults and fractures to assess their impact on fluid distribution and flow properties. During drilling investigations for the UK’s programme of deep nuclear waste disposal at Sellafield he was in charge of site geological operations and led a multi-disciplinary, multi-contractor Interpretation Team.


Since 2017 he has provided ongoing technical support to GeoScience for projects within both hydrocarbon and geothermal resource exploration and development. Having previously done the geological screening and site selection for the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project in Cornwall, he then managed the site Operations Geology team (2019-20) and the geological interpretation of the data acquired during drilling and wireline logging. He was also involved in public engagement and liaison with other project Delivery Partners.


Jon has also provided technical input to, or supervision of, a range of GeoScience feasibility studies for geothermal resource assessments in the UK, as well as technical work on hydrocarbon reservoirs in carbonate and basement formations in the UK and worldwide.


He brings a wealth of experience as Advisor to our geological and geothermal teams.

Department & Discipline

Structural Geology

Affiliations & Memberships

Fellow of the Geological Society of London

Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain

European Association of Geologists and Engineers

Seismic Hazard Working Party (Nuclear Electric, 1986 to 2000)


BSc (Hons), Geology, University of Wales

MSc, Structural Geology and Rock Mechanics, Imperial College, London

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