Tom's Expertise:

Ground Source Heat Pumps





Dr Tom Pine

Ground Source Heat Pump specialist


Since 2004 Tom has been analysing and modelling ground source heat pumps and has helped publish several papers in this field. Prior to that he received a PhD investigating weight reduction in automotive structures to improve their efficiency and reduce emissions. Tom enjoys exploring Cornwall, cloud spotting and wave watching.



2011 to Present – GeoScience Limited.

  • Design/sizing of Ground Source Heat Pump systems

  • Simulation/modelling of GSHP/hybrid systems

  • Energy analysis

2004 to 2011 - EarthEnergy Limited.

  • Sales/customer enquiries

  • Data handling/statistical analysis

  • Simulation/modelling of GSHP systems


1999 to 2002 - The Park Community School, Barnstable UK.

  • Teaching Mathematics, IT and PE to students aged 11 to 16

  • Designing/managing school website

PGCE, Mathematics, Exeter University, UK (1999)

PhD, Finite Element Analysis and Mechanical Testing of Automotive Test Components, Swansea University/ Welsh Technology Centre, British Steel, UK (1998)

BEng (Hons), Civil Engineering, Swansea University, UK (1994)

Technical Papers

T.Pine, M. M. K. Lee, and T. B. Jones (1998): Factors Affecting Torsional Properties of Box Sections. Ironmaking and Steelmaking 1998 Vol. 25 No. 3 205

T.Pine, M. M. K. Lee, and T. B. Jones (1999): Weight Reduction in Automotive Structures - An Experimental Study on Torsional Stiffness of Box Sections. Proc Instn Mech Engrs Vol 213 Part D

R. Curtis and T. Pine (2012): Effects of cycling on domestic GSHPs. Supporting analysis to EA Technology Simulation / Modelling. Mimer Geoenergy 2012 Report No: C207-R2


R. Curtis, T. Pine and C. Wickins. (2013): Development of new ground loop sizing tools for domestic GSHP installations in the UK. EGC 2013