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Tony's Expertise:

Oilfield Geomechanics


Ground Source Heat Pumps



Professional Affiliations:                 


Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineers 

Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining


Chartered Engineer

                                                    Society of Petroleum Engineers


European Engineer (Eur Ing)

                                                    International Society of Rock Mechanics

                                                  International Geothermal Association

                                                    Geothermal Resources Council

                                                  Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce





Chairman, Camborne School of Mines Trust

Dr Tony Batchelor FCSM FREng



Tony is the founder, owner and Chairman of GeoScience. He has 44 years’ professional experience in the fields of applied rock mechanics relating to underground excavations, oilfield operations and geothermal engineering. He is the author of numerous technical papers and publications and has served on a number of significant review and advisory boards. He is a recognised international authority on wellbore rock mechanics in oilfield operations and geothermal engineering and was awarded a fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineers in 2017. Away from work Tony enjoys terrestrial and aerial (drone) photography as well as woodworking.


Winter 1985 to Present – GeoScience Limited Managing Director and Chairman since 1992. Executive Chairman since November 2014:

  • Wellbore Stability, Integrated Well Design and Rock Mechanics applications for oil companies worldwide

  • CRI/PWRI feasibility, operational analysis

  • Expert Witness on the Stability of Gas Storage in Depleted Reservoirs

  • Management of the design of measurements during construction of an Underground Rock Laboratory

  • Management and design of the integrated drilling programme for a multidisciplinary site characterisation programme for radioactive waste isolation

  • Drilling, testing and hydrofracture stress measurements of deep, fully cored geotechnical investigation holes up to 2,000 m deep

  • Expert witness at Planning Inquiry related to drilling in the Lake District National Park

  • Technical Advisor during contract negotiations for 1000 km2 geothermal lease

  • Negotiation of geothermal lease and Power Sales Agreement, Indonesia

  • Evaluation of geothermal lease and operations, USA

  • Technical support to the Drilling Inspectorate on kicks in oil based mud

  • Economic valuation and operating strategies for a 130 MWe geothermal project, Northern California

  • Technical Expert to DGXII, European Commission, Brussels

  • Visiting Lecturer Camborne School of Mines , Geothermal Energy

  • Computer animation techniques for presentation of geotechnical data

  • Preparation and operation of World Wide Web information server for geotechnical information

  • Technical support, completion of Gravberg #1, Silijan Deep Gas Project, Sweden

  • Borehole Stability Analysis for extended reach and horizontal wells, actual cases and training seminars/courses

  • Specialist Rock Mechanics seminars for various oil companies

1980 to Winter 1985

  • Project Director, Phase 2 of the UK/EEC HDR DR geothermal project


BSc (Hons), Mining Engineering, University of Nottingham (1969)

PhD, Mining Engineering, University of Nottingham (1972)

FCSM Camborne School of Mines Trust (2017)

FREng Royal Academy of Engineering (2017)

Technical Papers

Author of over 60 papers and co-author of 4 books.


23 presentations all over the world, most recent:

  • Norwegian Academy of Science – Future Energy Strategy Workshop, March 2001

  • IQCP, “Wellbore Stability Workshop” and Conference Chairman, “Wellbore Stability in Challenging Environments”, July 2005

  • DEA Europe, Wellbore Stability Case Study, December 2006

  • The Geology Society of London, Geothermal Energy, Past and Future- September 2007

  • Committee Member SPE Forum “The Battle To Reduce Drilling NPT”, September 2009

  • Cambridge University Energy Master Class Lecturer , Geothermal Energy

  • Exeter University “Global Conversion” Panel, Vancouver, Oct 2016

  • Oxford University Environmental Change Institute Energy Colloquim lecture (Feb 2016)

  • Plymouth University Sustainable Earth Institute on Geothermal Energy Lecture March 2017

  • Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, Westminster, Geothermal Energy Lecture March 2017

  • Cornell University Sustainable Energy , Geothermal Modules, October 2017