United Downs Deep Geothermal Power 

The United Downs Deep Geothermal Power (UDDGP) project is the first commercial geothermal power project in the UK. Working with the developer, Geothermal Engineering Ltd, we developed the novel concept being tested, selected a site and project-managed the operation from its inception in 2017 until May 2020. We also provided geological, geothermal and geomechanics services to the project and implemented successful education and community outreach programmes.


The project has successfully drilled two deep wells (5,275m and 2,393m MD) which have reached their intended geological target and encountered high temperatures. Our role in the project has now been successfully completed and the GEL team will take over for the final stages. During the summer of 2020 they will carry out testing to establish the power potential of the doublet and, assuming successful results, go on to construct and commission a 3MWe power plant.


The heat producing granites beneath Cornwall and west Devon represent a significant geothermal resource and GeoScience will play its part in harnessing this sustainable, low carbon energy source and developing a new renewable energy sector in the county.



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