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Two of the main barriers to the take-up of geothermal utilisation in the UK are a lack of familiarity with the technology and an absence of previous case-history experience to learn from. GeoScience staff have been in the geothermal business for 40 years and we want to help.

Through the diligent application of our experience and expertise, partnerships with like-minded organisations, and a commitment to community outreach and education, we aim to establish geothermal energy as a viable and attractive option for meeting low-carbon heat and power demand in the UK and other immature markets.

Whether you are just starting to consider geothermal as an option, or already have more definite plans, we can help guide you through the process of bringing your project online.

There is a wide range of geothermal technology potentially available in the UK; ground source heat pumps, open loop systems, closed loop systems, coaxial single well systems, doublets, minewater applications, heat and power technology. GeoScience Ltd has experience and expertise in all of them.


Why use GeoScience?


Our senior staff have more than 40 years’ experience in geothermal research and commercial applications


We have a long-established reputation for technical excellence and commitment to high standards


We provide technical and management solutions to  our clients’ problems, enabling them to meet project goals and save money

We have built open and trusting relationships with our clients and often worked within project teams


Our International Experience


We have always supported and promoted the development of geothermal technology in the UK but since the company was created in 1985 we have provided advice and consultancy services, worked as part of operator teams, carried out feasibility studies and due diligence assessments in many countries, including the USA and South America, St Lucia, El Salvador, Indonesia and Australia.

We have worked in every geothermal country in The European Union.

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