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Applied geology, geomechanics and geothermal energy consultants

Strength at Depth

GeoScience Ltd is an independent, UK-based consultancy specialising in geology, geomechanics and geothermal technology applied to the deep subsurface.


From our offices in the UK and Australia we service companies in over 50 countries, from small independents to multi-nationals.


We have a long-established reputation for technical excellence and commitment to high standards.


Our goal is to deliver cost effective, robust, reliable and trustworthy advice and solutions to our customers, clients and partners.


We strive to operate with honesty and integrity and to build long-lasting professional relationships.


We provide solutions to minimise geomechanical risk throughout the lifecycle of the asset and have saved our clients $millions by reducing non-productive time (NPT).

geothermal energy

GeoScience staff have more than 40 years experience in research, demonstration and commercial exploitation of all geothermal resource types.



GeoScience Limited
Unit 1
Falmouth Business Park
Bickland Water Road
United Kingdom
TR11 4SZ

Telephone: +44 (0)1326 211070

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