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Ground Source Heat Pumps

GSHP consultancy services from feasibility studies to the design of ground arrays


We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and installing closed-loop GSHP systems

GSHP services

Ground Source Heat Pumps, or 'geothermal' heat pumps use shallow boreholes to utilise low temperatures from the ground to provide heating and cooling for buildings. 


​GeoScience has been designing and installing GSHPs for more than 20 years and were the first company in the UK to install a domestic borehole-based closed loop system and introduce thermal response testing for GSHPs. 


We have now worked on over 2000 closed loop GSHPs ranging from small heating-only systems for social housing to megawatt-sized installations delivering heating and cooling in large buildings. We also design and install water source heat pump systems (WSHPs) in lakes and the sea. 


Our projects are located throughout the UK from the Isles of Scilly to the Orkneys and we have also worked internationally, in India, Ghana, Malaysia and the Middle-East



Read about previous ground source projects we have been involved in, from heating national trust buildings to using a lake for heating and cooling.

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