Whether you are just starting to consider geothermal as an option, or already have more definite plans, we can help guide you through the process of establishing feasibility and bringing your project online.

We have built open and trusting relationships with our clients, often working within their project teams and we have the expertise in-house to deliver the whole package of services required to design, plan and implement projects.

Our services include:

Geothermal geology

  • Regional and site geology assessments

  • Wellsite geology services

  • Borehole logging

  • Data Analysis and interpretation

  • Geological modelling

Project planning & implementation

  • Feasibility services

  • Due diligence

  • Funding advice

  • Planning permission and permitting

  • Project delivery

Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Preparing specifications and designs

  • Undertaking Thermal Response Tests

  • Overseeing procurement

  • Supervising installations

  • Troubleshooting existing systems

Geothermal engineering

  • Resource assessment

  • Concept development

  • Well design

  • Geomechanics

  • Well testing


  • Community outreach

  • Educational resource and programme design

  • Public relations advice

  • Presentation material

  • Project visualisations

Project feasibility

Many of our clients are at an early stage in their project planning and may not yet know whether there is a viable geothermal option to meet their heat or power needs. We provide a staged feasibility and development approach which aims to minimise the financial exposure as the risks and uncertainties are reduced by further and more detailed work.



An assessment of the heat loads and an initial consideration of the geological environment and the geothermal potential to determine whether a geothermal solution is feasible.




A more detailed study, taking into account additional specific geothermal and geological information and possibly including field work. It would also include an assessment of potential specific development sites, logistics, planning and environmental issues.




Planning, drilling and testing of one or more exploration boreholes to confirm geological conditions, the subsurface temperature profile, and measure rock permeability.

Project planning and implementation

Once feasibility has been established we can plan and deliver the project, normally in partnership with the client’s project team.


Project plan                  


Development of project design and programme, used to secure the necessary funding for development. This would include projections of performance and energy outputs, drilling costs, surface plant construction and O&M costs.




Community outreach and education programme development, public relations advice, presentation material, project visualisations




Permitting and permissions, including Planning permission, Environment Agency licence, environmental impact assessment and any other specific permissions relating to the site.




Drilling and testing of the development wells, commissioning.

Due diligence, project review and advice

We have more than 40 years’ experience in geothermal research and commercial applications of all geothermal types and can provide independent, trustworthy advice and due diligence for potential investors, regulators and stakeholders.

For several years we were the geothermal technical coordinator for the European Commission, providing technical oversight of geothermal demonstration projects that they had funded.