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Thermal Response Tests (TRT) are used to analyse the thermal conductivity of the ground below your project site. These tests provide in-situ measurements of the ground conditions to inform borehole array designs and ensure the resource matches the seasonal heating and/or cooling loads for the buildings or processes on the site.

GeoScience was the first UK company to introduce thermal response testing for closed-loop borehole GSHPs and has completed TRTs nationwide using our custom-built TRT unit. The unit is designed to be powerful enough to test deep GSHP systems (~ 300m) and is capable of producing up to 12kWth,  yet is conveniently sized for ease of transportation to site.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes our engineers conducting the test to collect the data as well as in-house technical expertise to analyse the results. We can also provide due diligence on TRT data and analyses performed by others and have an extensive database of TRT data from the UK.

As a founding member of the GHSPA we offer best industry practices and endeavour to elevate the role of GSHPs, as an efficient and low carbon technology in the energy transition.

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