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  • Peter Ledingham

The government’s green light for geothermal heat pumps

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

The Prime Minister has today set out the government’s ambitious ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution. Covering clean energy, transport, nature and innovative technologies, the blueprint will allow the UK to forge ahead with eradicating its contribution to climate change by 2050, particularly crucial in the run up to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow next year.

The plan will mobilise £12 billion of government investment to create and support up to 250,000 highly-skilled green jobs in the UK, and spur over three times as much private sector investment by 2030.

Point 7 of the plan sets out to make our homes, schools and hospitals greener, warmer and more energy efficient and includes a dramatic increase in the installation of heat pump systems, with a target to install 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028.

Geothermal, or Ground Source, Heat Pump systems will play a significant role in meeting these targets, offering efficiency and carbon reduction advantages over a wide range of applications. Augmented GSHP systems offer even greater savings in locations where warm water sources are available from favourable geology or flooded mine workings.

A ground array for a ground source heat pump system at Roffey Park, see more on our case study page:

GeoScience has been designing and installing GSHPs for more than 20 years and were the first company in the UK to install a domestic borehole-based closed loop system and introduce thermal response testing for GSHPs.

We have now worked on over 2000 closed loop GSHPs ranging from small heating-only systems for social housing to megawatt-sized installations delivering heating and cooling in large buildings. We also design and install water source heat pump systems (WSHPs) in lakes and the sea.

To find out more about GeoScience's geothermal services and the types of geothermal technologies available, please see here.

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