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GeoScience has extensive and varied experience in designing and installing closed loop systems and we actively promote GSHP technology and uptake in the UK, working with clients such as the National Trust and social housing schemes to meet their decarbonisation targets.


We provide a range of consultancy services including: 


  • Feasibility studies 

  • Preparing specifications and designs 

  • Undertaking and analysing Thermal Response Tests 

  • Overseeing procurement 

  • Supervising installations 

  • Troubleshooting existing systems.  


We work with recognised GSHP contractors, providing them with PI-backed closed loop designs.


We are independent of any heat pump manufacturer but have worked with a wide range of UK, European and North American heat pumps.  We employ up-to-date industry standard design codes as well as our own in-house software and can carry out very detailed, sub-hourly multi-year simulations of GSHPs on their own or coupled to other plant. We are fully conversant with the requirements for MCS compliance. 

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