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Geothermal consultancy services to harness clean heat beneath our feet


Our services provide a phased approach to assess, develop and deliver geothermal projects   

Our mission is to promote geothermal energy as a viable and attractive option for meeting low-carbon heat and power demand in the UK and other immature markets. Our clients range from SMEs and developers, to large multi-nationals, all looking to reduce their carbon footprint in their operations.

Geothermal energy can play a significant role in reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, the transition to a low carbon future and help the UK meet its target of Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2050.


Geothermal is heat stored in the ground. It is a clean, natural, renewable and sustainable energy source. It is a common misconception that the UK does not have geothermal resources but, in fact, they are plentiful.


Shallow resources that can be harnessed using Ground Source Heat Pumps exist almost everywhere.


Moderate depth resources, between 500m and 2500m can be found in many places. Rock temperatures between 30˚C and 100˚C make them suitable for direct heating applications.

Deep resources exist in some parts of the country, most notably in Cornwall and west Devon, where abnormally high geothermal gradients make it possible to generate electricity as well as supply heat.



If you are interested in shallow geothermal with lower temperatures find out more about our ground source heat pump services.

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Geothermal resources coming soon, please see our videos page for some of our previous outreach projects.

Image by Erwan Hesry

Geothermal is one of the best options for providing low-carbon heat.

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We have been involved in a number of educational outreach projects, from animation creation to informative films


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