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Geothermal heating for the Jubilee Pool

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Author: Peter Ledingham (Managing Director and Geothermal Engineer)

Our geothermal partners Geothermal Engineering Limited have submitted a pre-application to Cornwall Council to drill a geothermal well to a depth of between 1 and 2km and supply heat to a section of the Art Deco Jubilee seawater pool in Penzance, which is currently undergoing a major renovation to repair storm damage and update its facilities.

In the application GEL have proposed creating a 30 metre by 10 metre rectangular pool in front of the main entrance close to the existing children's pool; there are also preliminary plans for hot tubs to be sited along the pool's east terrace.

Although the scheme is some way off becoming a reality, there is significant local and council support. Cornwall Councillor Tim Dwelly, who chairs the council's economy committee, said he was delighted that the proposal was moving forward. "Having a spa-type heated pool area could provide a big boost to Penzance tourism and help to regenerate the seafront," he said.

GEL’s Managing Director, Ryan Law, said that the company wants to demonstrate that geothermal can be done quickly and properly and show that there is real community benefit from geothermal power – unlike other forms of sustainable energy like solar and wind power, the benefit from geothermal is always local.

The Jubilee Pool scheme is estimated to cost £1.8 million with the potential main funder being the European Union.

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