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Robin Curtis

Director & GSHP Specialist

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Robin has worked on deep and shallow geothermal projects since moving to Cornwall in 1984. Since the mid-nineties he has specialised in the design, delivery and operation of ground source heat pump systems (GSHPs) throughout the UK.

Robin graduated in Engineering from the University of London in 1972 and went on to do a PhD on fusion reactor neutronics at London and Birmingham Universities.  He then held several roles in operational reactor physics, fast reactor safety, and high performance computing before moving into geothermal in 1984. Robin joined GeoScience from the CSM Rosemanowes HDR project in 1986.

As Technical Manager at GeoScience from 1986 to 1995, he provided computer support to the various technical disciplines, and undertook thermo-hydraulic modelling and system analysis of multi-well Hot Dry Rock systems.  During the UK NIREX repository investigations he acted as deputy project manager for Gibb Deep Geology Group for the Dounreay site activity.

In the early 90’s Robin developed an interest in closed loop GSHP systems, designing and installing the first domestic installation in 1995. GeoScience then proceeded to develop a portfolio of UK GSHP projects, before EarthEnergy Ltd was established as a GeoScience subsidiary in 2005. EarthEnergy later entered a partnership arrangement with Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and delivered closed loop GSHP systems at all sizes and types throughout the UK.

Current consulting role activities are the design of GSHP systems at all scales, feasibility studies, trouble shooting and advising on GSHP legal proceedings. GeoScience have built two in-house Thermal Response Testing rigs which have been used on ground thermal testing at many locations in the UK and Ireland.

Robin is a long term Council Member of the UK Ground Source Heat Pump Association and is currently Chair of the Standards Committee. He has published a number of articles and papers related to GSHP systems and has been a long term contributor / author of the UK Geothermal  Country Update papers for EGC and WGC.

Department & Discipline

GSHP System design


BSc Nuclear Engineering

PhD Nuclear Engineering

Certified GeoExchange Designer (CGD+) American Association of Energy Engineers

Affiliations & Memberships

Chartered Engineer

Member of the Institute of Energy

Reviewer of proposals to the European Commission THERMIE programme

Member of the Geothermal Resources Council

Member of the International Geothermal Association

Member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Member of the Institute of Energy

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